Atlas Gray

Atlas Gray

Sat · November 4, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


This event is 21 and over

Atlas Gray
Atlas Gray
Rumor has it that Sir Tembo (headmaster of a school for wayward boys) took four of his
most troubled enrollees on a safari to the Serengeti….a well meaning attempt to further
their worldly awareness.
Soon after their arrival, and in the depths of late night darkness, the boys deceptively
abandoned the tutorial voyage and scurried out of camp in pursuit of their own cultural
expedition. Haplessly, a few hours into the next morning’s light they were tragically
abducted by native tribesman, caged in the center of a remote village and left with little
to ponder less their eventual fate.
In no more than a week’s time, our captives frightfully witnessed a merciless midnight
raid on the village by a band of rogue elephants. Dubbed by the tribe’s elders as “The
Grays” and their leader as “Atlas” (a bull beyond massive proportions) the pachydermic
gang raged havoc and destruction beyond imaginable description. The boys
additionally discovered the attack was somewhat common and the tribe, obviously, had
yet to devise the means to avert their repetitive tormentors.
Quick minded, the boys drew from the age old adage that “music calms the most
savage of beasts” and devised an ingenious scheme that would hopefully provide a
mutually beneficial resolve. Incorporating hollowed logs and materials stripped from
their penal stockade, they hastily fashioned crude percussive and string instruments,
composed a repertoire of mesmerizing melodies with intertwined pulsating rhythms……
and then sat in wait.
Upon the next assault, the boys immediately began to perform with unbridled passion
and conviction. Low and behold, the ingenious plan proved to be astonishingly
effective….the bull became joyously hypnotized and the herd followed suit. The plunder
became a party and sublime harmony prevailed.
Above the most imaginable expectation, the elders were so gratefully impressed they
not only released their captives, but also pulled bartered resources to provide the lads’
safe passage back to the US.
Well, you can easily imagine where the continuation of this fable leads us. Being
wayward, devilish and in lieu of desiring conservative careers, the boys (Alex, Adam,
Andy and Stoltz) were surrealistically convinced. Music was undeniably their salvation
and taking this magical band to the street was nothing short of inevitable destiny.
So what to call the new adventure?
The unanimous decision….ATLAS GRAY.
Venue Information:
The Main Pub - Grille, Taps, Music
306 Main Street
Manchester, CT, 06040